Gilding is an ancient decorative finishing technique of applying finely beaten gold or silver leaves to a prepared gesso surface.


The two main methods of gilding associated with antique furniture are water and oil based.


Oil is a flat, water resistant finish often seen externally to highlight architectural detail or in sign writing.


Water gilding and silvering are the luxurious metal finishes often seen on fine antique furniture and frames.

It can be brightly burnished, or subtly toned to reveal coloured clays and gesso beneath the leaf. 

In the right hands, stunning results can be achieved.


At PH RESTORATION we utilise both methods of gilding and are masters at repairing and matching new gilding to the patina of antique gilding.

 Antique frames have often lost carved detail or composition mouldings have shrunk and become loose or been lost. We can re-carve or recreate missing mouldings and restore frames to their former glory.


Paul Hodgson is a craftsman with over 25 yrs experience gilding and silvering.